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My name is Greg Aitchison (pronounced like the letter “H” + “ison”) and I’m so happy you’re here!

From losing 40 pounds in high school and journeying through 20 years of personal health and fitness endeavors thereafter, I’ve come to discover how interconnected physical, mental, and spiritual health can be.

Because of this I’ve dedicated many years to personal goal setting and habit tracking, along with plenty of spiritual reading, mindset work, and time spent researching and testing out the latest fitness fads. 

Now I’m beginning my journey to becoming a certified health and nutrition coach so that I can help and inspire others to be the best they can be – body, mind, and soul.

If living a happy, healthy, and holy life is of interest to you, CLICK HERE to jump start your progress and get the party started! 🥳

God bless you!