2 Down, 1 To Go!

CrossFit Open workout 23.2 is a wrap!

Here was the workout from the 2nd week of the CrossFit Open:

23.2 – Part A

Complete as many reps as possible in 15 minutes of:

5 burpee pull-ups
10 shuttle runs (1 rep = 25 ft out/25 ft back)
*Add 5 burpee pull-ups after each round.

23.2B – Part B

Immediately following 23.2A, you have 5 minutes to establish:

1-rep-max thruster (from the floor)

I’m proud of how I did! 😊

I managed to get 98 reps on part A (58 burpee pull-ups + 40 50 ft. shuttle runs) and hit a 110# thruster (new PR!).

2 weeks down, 1 more to go!

Can’t wait to see what the last workout of the CrossFit Open entails… 🤔 🤠

*Hat-tip to @iambilllee for the great photography! 👍👍

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Thanks, and God bless you!


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