Verse of the Week #5

Isn’t this a fun verse!? 😂

If we’re truly following Christ and seeking to share His love and the truth of the Gospel with the world, we will (at one point or another) be hated for it… Persecuted. Labeled. Shunned. Mocked. All that good stuff! 🤪

After all, we follow a Savior who did absolutely nothing wrong, said absolutely nothing wrong, and loved everyone around Him with His whole heart. And what did He get for it?


I have to admit, this can be disheartening. BUT, it can also serve as a pretty good faith barometer: If we never experience resistance for living out the faith, then maybe we’re not living it strongly or fully enough…

Maybe it’s time to step up our game and ask God for the desire (and courage!) to love more radically and share the faith more boldly. Maybe we can start praying more dangerously (e.g. “Lord, may I truly seek Your will all day today, even if that means rearranging my schedule and throwing out my plans…”).

And once we follow the path of Jesus with reckless abandon for long enough, the “haters” will inevitably show up.

Let them.

Let them mock and yell and wrongly accuse all they want. We can remain at peace, knowing that we stand with the Lordand He stands with us.

God bless you, fellow hated one! 😉

In Christ,

P.S. Want to memorize this verse? You can always remember that it comes from Mark 13:13 because it’s a DOUBLY unlucky verse! (Get it? Because of the number 13… 🙃)

You will be hated by all because of my name.

Mark 13:13a

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Thanks, and God bless you!

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