You Can Do Hard Things

The Minnesota winters bring a lot of cold and a lot of snow… ❄️ 🥶

That’s why I’m so thankful to be a part of a team that continues to strive for greatness regardless of the challenges that come our way! (Shout out to Tangletown CrossFit!) 👍 👍 💪 💪

I took the video above after finishing the 5:30 am class the other morning and was in awe of the beauty of the snow… such big flakes cascading down all around in the wee hours of the morning, with hardly a soul out or even awake for the day.

And then I turned around and saw my fellow gym buddies getting after yet another grueling workout… 🤩

They reminded me (once again!) that WE CAN ALL DO HARD THINGS (like get out of a bed on a cold, December morning to go workout!) and that doing them consistently really does pay off in the long run – with improved discipline, increased confidence, mental strength, and I would argue, spiritual growth.

So, what’s a challenge you have coming up or already facing?

Picture yourself rising up to that challenge.

Remember the times you rose up and defeated other obstacles.

And remind yourself…


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Thanks, and God bless you!

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