Giving Up Social Media for Lent?

Lent is almost here! Can you believe it?!

No matter what, this season always seems to sneak up on me…

Do you know what you’re planning to do and/or give up this Lent?

One thing I gave up a few Lents ago was social media.

It was stealing my time, distracting me from work and family, and had me constantly comparing myself to others. It wasn’t an evil in my life, but it certainly wasn’t helping me be the happiest, healthiest, and holiest person I could be! 😊

Giving social media up for 40 days (46 actually, including Sundays) was tough. No doubt about it.

But, it was game-changing.

I suddenly had more time in my day (to pray, read, exercise, sleep, etc.), was less stressed, anxious, and distracted, and enjoyed more quality time with friends and family. All good things!

By the time Lent was over, I was in a much better spot with my relationship to social media. For work purposes I eventually got back on it, but I’ve been able to do so in a much healthier and balanced way than before. 🥳

I don’t know what your relationship with social media is like, but if any of the above is hitting home with you, why not consider giving it up this Lent?

If you’re up for the challenge, I have one really helpful suggestion for making it a success:


Not only will this help keep you accountable to your goal, but it might even inspire others to join you in this challenge as well!

To help, I’ve created 16 images that you are more than free to use this Lent (see below).

If you want to link back to this page or give Happy, Healthy, and Holy a little shout out, I’d much appreciate it – but no pressure to do so. 😇

God bless you and have a great Lent!

In Christ,

Would you appreciate some extra help and encouragement on your journey to happiness, health, and holiness? I’m here for you! CLICK HERE for some inspiration and a whole bunch of freebies to help you start living your best life today!

Thanks, and God bless you!


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