Before… 😰 & AFTER! 🥳

It’s official…

🥳 🎉 😁

The first picture above is a representation of how I was feeling before sitting down to take my 3 hour, 150 question coaching exam yesterday morning. 😰

I mean, I was 100% prepared (I had created 36 pages of notes, re-took every practice quiz and test multiple times, and had been studying non-stop for over a week!), but still, the anxious side of me was sure rearing it’s ugly head from time to time as of late…

Thankfully, though, I’m surrounded by such a great support system:

  • My wife, Kate, who has been encouraging me and instilling confidence in me every step of the way. 😘
  • My kiddos, who have been excited for me, praying for me, and giving me all those extra hugs that so quickly bring me back to my parasympathetic state (a fun term from my coaching course! 🙃).
  • And my family and friends both near and far, who have been lifting me up in prayer and even volunteered to offer up extra sacrifices on my behalf (you know who you are… 😉💪).

THANK YOU, EVERYONE! Y’all are the best. 🙏 🙏

And oh yeah, I passed the exam with flying colors. 😁

In case you’re wondering, my plan from here is to complete one more course (Precision Nutrition’s Level 1 Nutrition Certification) and then quickly gear up to start taking on clients who are as excited as I am to reach their goals and be their best – in body, mind, and soul!

And once Happy, Healthy, and Holy is rockin’ and rollin’ I’ll be able to start dedicating more time to my Catholic Religion Teacher ministry again as well (something I’ve definitely been missing!).

Thanks for letting me share my exciting news! 😊

God bless you and have a happy, healthy, and holy day!

In Christ,

Would you appreciate some extra help and encouragement on your journey to happiness, health, and holiness? I’m here for you! CLICK HERE for some inspiration and a whole bunch of freebies to help you start living your best life today!

Thanks, and God bless you!


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